Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Other Blog!

Shameless plug entered here:

So earlier this year, my best friend/roommate/co-worker Amber convinced me to show my artwork at my apartment complex's boutique they held. Mind you this was a huge step for me to show what I usually keep to myself and use as an outlet for stress, anger, sadness, and sometimes happiness (not usually though).

Well I participated in the boutique, and it was a bust (not your fault Amber). But nevertheless I did put myself out there, and that was a new and scary thing for me but I'm glad I did it (and my favorite Ma did buy one, so I guess not a total bust. Thanks Ma I love you)!

So blah blah blah please visit my other blog and check it out.

Everything is for sale at a reasonable price, or hell I may just give it away (depends on how much I like you, and how much you like me). But anyway tell me what you think if you so choose.

Just a little taste. You'll have to visit the other blog to see them all.


Peace out.

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