Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Christmas List (Take notes!)

So I'm thinking now is the time to make my Christmas List for Santa. I want to make sure he has plenty of advanced notice. This is also for those who love me and maybe want to get me a gift.

Honestly it's more of a wish list, but if you feel so inclined to purchase something on my list for me, I won't object.

In no particular order:

- Harry Potter Movie Collection
- Boots (or a gift card for boots. DSW, Famous or somewhere similar)
- Kohl's gift card (I'm addicted)
- A Tardis to put on my desk at work
- Smallville Season 10 if it ever comes out on dvd
- Doctor Who season 6 on dvd
- Super cute belts and scarves
- A new door handle for my car
- Amazon gift card so I can buy books for my kindle
- And I suppose world peace should be on the list too

Thank you.


  1. Already got your gift like a month ago, and it's not any of those things...oops! You'll still like it though :)

  2. Payless has some surprisingly cute boots for pretty cheap, I was impressed. Ohh I need scarves. You should have a Tardis for your work desk, I have the Starship Enterprise (and a Wesley Crusher action figure do not judge me).

  3. I actually bought me a couple pairs of boots from Payless. I'm always on the lookout for more though. And no judging here at all. If I could have an Enterprise I would, but I would go for Picard before Crusher. But the Doctor and Tardis rule over all.


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