Thursday, November 3, 2011

As Seen on TV

As I'm sure you've noticed by now I like my stories. I thought I might provide a list of the shows that I watch currently airing, shows that I will forever watch, and shows that I think are very underrated. I will try to span this out over a few blog entries, and at times I will go into depth on particular shows on the lists. Thank God for DVR's. If I keep this up I may have to get a third.

Today I'm going to focus on the shows that I watch that are currently airing day by day. Take notes, because I know good TV and you should be watching a good majority of these.

Sunday -
Dexter (I never knew I could empathize with a serial killer)
Desperate Housewives (guilty pleasure)
Pan Am (It started out strong, but now I feel eh)
Once Upon A Time (So far so good, I'm keeping an open mind)
True Blood (mmmm Eric)
Sister Wives (polygamy is intriguing)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (horrible acting, but decent writing)

Monday -
How I Met Your Mother (One day we will know who the mother is)
Mike & Molly (It's cute and endearing, and I can relate)
Hawaii Five-O (Um super hot guy who was on one of my all-time favorite shows, no contest)
House (Sometimes I hate him and sometimes I love him)
Cake Boss (One of the very very few reality shows I watch. One day I will go to the shop and taste the food)

Tuesday -
Parenthood (If I were to be a parent, this would be my resource)
Last Man Standing (Tim Allen. Love him.)
Man Up! (Not sure on this one, we'll see)
90210 (I'm still trying to figure out why I watch this...mystery to me too)
New Girl (who doesn't love Zooey?)

Wednesday -
The Middle (It's quirky funny)
Suburgatory (I haven't laughed out loud yet, but it's still entertaining)
Modern Family (The first season was by far the best, but I still chuckle even now)
Psych (This show is so crazy I love it)
White Collar (I'm learning how to con people and it's awesome)
Cougar Town (I belong on this cul-de-sac. Penny can!)
Melissa and Joey (I watched every show Melissa has been in, and I love the Lawrence brothers, 'nuff said)
Hot in Cleveland (Betty White anyone?)
State of Georgia (It has a Roswellian in it, and the cute girl from the Cosby Show)

Thursday -
The Vampire Diaries (I love me my Vampires)
The Mentalist (Another show that's teaching me how to con people, I will be a pro someday)
Royal Pains (Concierge doctor in the Hamptons, hmmm I'm working on relocating, donations?)
The Big Bang Theory (Who doesn't love Sheldon?)
Project Runway (I love clothes)

Friday -
Chuck (you saw the blog post right?)
Grimm (I'm very curious to see where this is going)

Saturday -
Doctor Who (need I say more?)

Expect me to devote a post or two or multiple on some of these shows at any given moment. I'm very invested in a lot of these. Yep no life.

P.S. This was all done from memory, so I may need to check the DVR to see if I missed one. And not all of these are currently airing at the moment, some run during the summer, and some will return in the new year. But all are in current production.


  1. Thoughts:

    Sunday - I do watch Dexter and oh man it is an awful addiction. I'll be honest I watched all five seasons last year and now that I'm watching this one as it comes its so much harder!!! I'm used to be able to watch them all in a row!

    Monday - I have nothing on Monday, it's my relax day.

    Tuesday - Oy for Glee and New Girl.

    Wednesday - WHY DO YOU NOT WATCH REVENGE!?!?

    Thursday - I'm still a sucker for Grey's Anatomy! Oh, and the Office.

    That's basically all, but you have to take into account that the majority of what I watch is either on Netflix, Hulu or downloaded. And a lot of TV on DVD.

  2. I feel ya on Dexter. I watched the first 3 seasons on Netflix, and since then I'm still not used to watching it week by week. I have no idea why I don't watch Revenge. At first I didn't think it looked good, but everyone keeps saying it is, so maybe I'll add it to the list. I too watch a lot of stuff online (one example is True Blood since I don't have HBO). Overall I just watch too much TV, but am in love so it's hard to stop.


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