Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Go Team Bartowski!!

Chuck. sigh.....

I'm so glad it's back! I absolutely love this show and have from the pilot episode. It will always have a soft spot in my heart forever, and that makes me happy. If you've never seen Chuck, I'd suggest you start. It's geeky, kick-ass, and funny (plus the lead guy is so hot).

If you don't know what Chuck is about, here's a brief synopsis:

Chuck works for the Buy More in the Nerd Herd division (sound familiar?) as their department lead. On his birthday he gets an email from a former friend now rival, and has a government intel computer downloaded into his brain (sounds dumb, but it very much isn't). After some running, hiding, crying, etc., he is taken into custody by the CIA & NSA where he is now an asset. From there all chaos and fun ensues. He has a best friend who is both irritating and endearing, a cute sister, and her boyfriend who they call Capt. Awesome.

So young!

Ha ha an LRT!

I love this show and am quite upset with NBC for never giving it the credit and respect it deserves. Sadly the show is on it's fifth and final season with a measly order of only 13 episodes (NBC has deemed it a dud. I strongly disagree). I just hope that I'm not disappointed with this season, I love the show too much. And did I mention that Zachary Levi is hot?

Uh yum!!!

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