Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Little Venting Here, A Little Appreciation There

So it's been an interesting couple of weeks, and I'm starting to wonder if standing up for myself really pays off. The reason I wonder is because over these past couple weeks, it's done the opposite. I'm afraid of what may happen at work, and I'm tired of having to worry. I'm not getting along with a couple of my co-workers and it's because I won't let them bully me. Is that so wrong? So why is it that I'm feeling like the outcast? That because I won't let someone rain on my parade, I get to feel like crap? I'm ready for the new year, to start fresh and purge myself of the negativity. I'm a good person with good qualities dammit! And people just keep trying to bring me down.

This negativity seems to be following me at home as well. I'm tired of the ungrateful. I'm finding I put myself out there a lot just to get hurt. Why is it that I'm so eager to help those I love, but they're not as eager to appreciate it? Instead I'm taken advantage of and then faulted for it when I speak up. Life is so frustrating right now.

Ok, my bitch session is done. On to happier things! Like Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday because you get to stuff yourself silly and not feel bad about it. DON"T feel bad about it people. It's one day of the year, so live it up! And then onto the greediest day of the year, Black Friday. I will be participating in the crazy greediness this year, and I'm actually a tad excited. I know what I want, and will be going for it in full force. Yay for sales!

I hope everyone enjoys their Turkey Day!

And even though I complained a bit above, I just need to say that I am very thankful for the family I have even though some frustrate the hell out of me, they are there for me when I need them. I'm also thankful for the job I have, even though at the moment it's coming with a lot of heartache. My job does put a roof over my head, which I am also very thankful for because the roof over my head also comes with a nice comfy bed for which I long to go lie in soon and sleep. I love sleep! AND saving the best for last, I'm so very thankful for my friendship with Jordan. She gets me, and I get her, and it's awesome.