Thursday, January 31, 2013

How's Your January Been?

So this first month of 2013 has been rough! The weather has been complete shit, and it has been taking a toll on my mood big time. I'm still not entirely sure why I still live in a place that gets cold and snows. I must be a glutton for punishment or something. And this January has been one of the coldest to boot. Seriously I feel like it's hell frozen over which I still deem hell. So I apologize to anyone if I have been super bitchy and rude lately. I just need some sun!

Speaking of the sun, I have an opportunity to head south for a couple days next week, and I'm strongly considering it. First I would get to see my grandparents which is always awesome, and second the trip would be all paid for by work. Too bad there's someone in my office who doesn't exactly think I'm competent enough to do it. Screw her, everyone else is just fine with it, because guess what? Not my first time. I know what I'm doing. I really hope the sun will be out down there, because I'm in need of some serious vitamin k.

Sorry for the foul language, I'm not in the mood to talk all lady-like at the moment. And I'm starting to think that I'm going to use this blog to share my thoughts in the rough form. So be prepared for my blunt mind!

I also think I will share some picture vomit. Enjoy! This is my January in a nutshell:

Cuddling with this adorable creature most every night. 

I hung me some shelves. And yes those are all my dvds, and I may
have a little more (100+) burned elsewhere...

The day of the ice rain. I admit I should not have
taken the pic whilst driving. 

My mattress has little men in sombreros sitting
under trees as it's pattern.

In which I find my drawing of Jesus awesome.

Giant icicles the size of people hanging off my
office building.

You can't tell, but I'm trying to watch The Mentalist.
Thanks CBS for your wonderful site.