Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have been horrible with my blog as of late. I just haven't felt the writing bug recently, and therefore haven't been writing. The other reason would be that I just moved. So the first of this month was spent packing every night, this past weekend moving the stuff and unpacking everything, and the rest of this month will be spent cleaning the old place so that my lovely deposit can be returned to me. So with this being said, I will likely be absent for the rest of the month. Although, if I do find something worthy of sharing with you, I will do so. In the meantime thanks for standing by, and I will return to my normal broadcasting very soon.


Friday, April 6, 2012

Noun Time #3 - Famous People That Shouldn't Be - Edition 4

It's Friday and you know what that means! My day to go off on another "celebrity". This week we will be talking about Kate Gosselin.

Can we just talk about how annoying and self-serving this woman is? Yeah she had six babies at once, so have other women, and they aren't out to make a fast buck, even if they could use it. Instead they are at home focusing on their multiple children of the same age and trying to raise them to be upstanding citizens (or I would like to think). And all the while what does Kate do? She gets a show with her at the time husband (I could go off on this d-bag too) that is supposed to be about family, and turns it into a show about her. One way this happened was by her being a giant biotch to her husband and talking down to him every chance she got. I still remember watching an episode (one of very few I've seen) where she was yelling at him in a grocery store in front of other shoppers. How embarrassing is that? And to have it filmed?

So after her husband smartens up and divorces the woman, she continues to drag on a dying show, so she can afford her crazy hairstyles and live it up (never mind the kids....). And then when the show didn't work anymore, she would make the rounds on talk shows and even get a stint on Dancing with the Stars. Seriously? She's not a star! She's a camera whore who wants all of the attention on her. These poor children who have to endure a self-indulging mother and father....

Ok so in my search for a picture of her and her crazy hairstyle of the past, I found this. WTF?? These are all pictures of her. She claims she's never had plastic surgery. Uh huh. I wonder how the kids are doing living on apples and cheese sticks so their mother can get her fix.

Ok enough of that.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend for those that celebrate, if you don't then have a great regular weekend!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Noun Time #2 - Things I Find Funny - Edition 5

If you follow Wil Wheaton or follow Star Trek: TNG you will probably at some point have heard about the Legend of Sparks McGee (if not click here for an explanation). Briefly to explain, Sparks McGee is Wil Wheaton's vision of how Wesley Crusher should have been. Ever since he spoke of this, the Internet (as he calls his fans and followers) has made several comics, drawings, etc. depicting the adventures of Sparks McGee. I find it quite funny and thought I'd share a few I have found via Tumblr.

P.S. If you don't follow Wil Wheaton you should. At least on Twitter or Facebook, but he also has a blog, and a Tumblr. He's quite amusing.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Everyone Thinks I Do Per The Doctor

Today seems to be a Doctor Who day. In all fairness I haven't really posted much about my favorite pass time lately. So I think it's only fair to dedicate one day to The Doctor. 

via Tumblr

Fish Fingers and Custard

Happy Fish Fingers and Custard Day!

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So The Doctor would have you believe. And therefore he's right. 

Doctor Who Minimalism

I thought this was cute and wanted to share with my fellow Doctor Who fans.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Noun Time #1 - Oh The Places I'll Go...Or Want To...Edition 5

I'm picking back up where I left off on the series, with our Monday Noun Time. We will be going to a place I've been to before, but dream of going back. I loved this city so much, and enjoyed every moment of the six wonderful days I spent there. A lot of people don't have a taste for the city, but I'm definitely one of those that know I could live there if I had a ton of money, because you will need it to be able to afford the city.

I bring you to New York City:

I'm posting pictures that I took myself instead of stock photos off the internet. I thought that this way it would be more enjoyable and personal. All of these photos were taken August 2003.

Central Park

So many street performers everywhere you go. Which is awesome.

Love is all you need

 Trump Tower where everything is gold plated


 On top of the Empire State Building

 Strawberry Fields

 I spent my day with some Celebrities in wax form

 And I spent my night with some live celebrities

 What the trade center looked like 2 years after 9/11

I have sooooo many pictures of my trip I wish I could post them all, but I thought I would share some of the best ones. I had a blast while I was there, and wish I could go back in a heartbeat.

Below is a video compilation of the short videos I took with the digital camera I had at the time. I'm not going to pretend it's high quality as it was only a 2MP camera at the time, but I'm still really glad that I took what I could. Enjoy:

The atmosphere, the rush and the amazing lifestyle are what attract me to New York City. And it always will.

The Summharry

I want so much to have a feature that you can zoom in on this picture, so you can see just how cool it really is. I made it as large as I could, so the post looks a little wonky because of it. I love that someone took the time to put this together, kudos to Lucy Knisley. You're officially entered in my book of awesome. 

What Would You Do?

So I've been a little absent the past few weeks. One reason is because I just haven't felt super inspired to keep up on my series posts, or write anything in general. The second reason is because I've been working on a personal project and that has ate up a lot of my time these past few weeks. The project is now complete, but still under lock and key.

I've been thinking about this huge jackpot that was all the buzz last week, and it got me thinking about if I were to come into a good amount of money what I would do with it. I'm sure everyone has had this thought at some point in their life. Well below are the few things I would do with the money:

1. Pay off both of my parent's mortgages.
2. Give my siblings enough for a down payment on a house of their own. They would still need to pay for the house by making the mortgage payments however they choose to do so.
3. Buy me a new car. Nothing fancy, a Corolla or something similar.
4. Buy myself a house. Nothing huge, something with at least four bedrooms to have a guest room, an office, and a Beatles memorabilia room. Yes I just wrote that. I have a lot of stuff that should be displayed.
5. Go back to school.
6. Travel a bit. Go to the places I've talked about seeing.
7. Save the rest.

I'm a simple girl, who doesn't need a lot, and wants my family to be happy and feel comfortable too. What would you do if you came into a lot of money?