Monday, April 2, 2012

Noun Time #1 - Oh The Places I'll Go...Or Want To...Edition 5

I'm picking back up where I left off on the series, with our Monday Noun Time. We will be going to a place I've been to before, but dream of going back. I loved this city so much, and enjoyed every moment of the six wonderful days I spent there. A lot of people don't have a taste for the city, but I'm definitely one of those that know I could live there if I had a ton of money, because you will need it to be able to afford the city.

I bring you to New York City:

I'm posting pictures that I took myself instead of stock photos off the internet. I thought that this way it would be more enjoyable and personal. All of these photos were taken August 2003.

Central Park

So many street performers everywhere you go. Which is awesome.

Love is all you need

 Trump Tower where everything is gold plated


 On top of the Empire State Building

 Strawberry Fields

 I spent my day with some Celebrities in wax form

 And I spent my night with some live celebrities

 What the trade center looked like 2 years after 9/11

I have sooooo many pictures of my trip I wish I could post them all, but I thought I would share some of the best ones. I had a blast while I was there, and wish I could go back in a heartbeat.

Below is a video compilation of the short videos I took with the digital camera I had at the time. I'm not going to pretend it's high quality as it was only a 2MP camera at the time, but I'm still really glad that I took what I could. Enjoy:

The atmosphere, the rush and the amazing lifestyle are what attract me to New York City. And it always will.


  1. Lovely pictures!! I am jealous that you got to go! I would love to see the 9/11 memorial that is there now. Such a beautiful tribute.

    1. I would love to go back and see the memorial too. Especially since I last saw the area it was still in recovery. It's such an amazing island, I hope you get to go someday.

  2. Love the picks, one of my favorite things to do is sight see. TH

    1. I love to sight see too! I hope to travel a lot later in life so that I can do just that. :)


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