Friday, April 6, 2012

Noun Time #3 - Famous People That Shouldn't Be - Edition 4

It's Friday and you know what that means! My day to go off on another "celebrity". This week we will be talking about Kate Gosselin.

Can we just talk about how annoying and self-serving this woman is? Yeah she had six babies at once, so have other women, and they aren't out to make a fast buck, even if they could use it. Instead they are at home focusing on their multiple children of the same age and trying to raise them to be upstanding citizens (or I would like to think). And all the while what does Kate do? She gets a show with her at the time husband (I could go off on this d-bag too) that is supposed to be about family, and turns it into a show about her. One way this happened was by her being a giant biotch to her husband and talking down to him every chance she got. I still remember watching an episode (one of very few I've seen) where she was yelling at him in a grocery store in front of other shoppers. How embarrassing is that? And to have it filmed?

So after her husband smartens up and divorces the woman, she continues to drag on a dying show, so she can afford her crazy hairstyles and live it up (never mind the kids....). And then when the show didn't work anymore, she would make the rounds on talk shows and even get a stint on Dancing with the Stars. Seriously? She's not a star! She's a camera whore who wants all of the attention on her. These poor children who have to endure a self-indulging mother and father....

Ok so in my search for a picture of her and her crazy hairstyle of the past, I found this. WTF?? These are all pictures of her. She claims she's never had plastic surgery. Uh huh. I wonder how the kids are doing living on apples and cheese sticks so their mother can get her fix.

Ok enough of that.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend for those that celebrate, if you don't then have a great regular weekend!


  1. I think she looks the best in the first one! Lmao

  2. Um... AMEN and AMEN!! Can't stand her... at all!!


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