Friday, November 4, 2016

Salt Lake Comic Con Chaotic Fun 2016

As usual I'm a couple months late on posting. Although this year's comic con was filled with so much fun! We had Mark Hamill you guys! And he kicked off the entire convention, which was honestly pretty fracking awesome. And to top it off, my sister and I were lucky enough thanks to a very generous dude, to get floor passes to Hamill's panel and sit 6 rows from the stage. It was completely magical, and the best way to start off a 3-day extravaganza. Ignore the fact that I look like I just woke up/crap.

This close!! And it was amazing.

Right after Hamill's panel was William Shatner's. And so we stayed and then got bored halfway through. Well bored and hungry. So we ventured out to the food trucks to fill our bellies before we decided to walk the floor and then call it a day.

The rest of the time I was on my own, so I spent that time mainly in panels, as they are my favorite. I only had one photo op this time, mainly due to lack of funds. But I made it worth it. There were a few others I would have loved to done photo ops with, and I could have chosen one that I'd never got a picture with before, but I couldn't pass up the chance to have my arm around Stephen Amell again, so therefore I did a repeat. I'm totally content with that. I even painted my nails to be sparkly green in support of his character The Green Arrow. I'm just that nerdy.

Arthur! He was one I wanted a photo op with, but didn't get. Hopefully he
comes again and I have monies! His panel made up for the missed
opportunity though.

Michael Rooker was amazing!! He walked around the audience the whole time
 and was hilarious. One of my all-time favorite panels for sure.

Famke Janssen was really nice, and quite beautiful. 

Nicholas Brendan and Emma Caulfield were so dang funny! They play
really well off each other, and a little Buffy reunion was super fun.

Captain Amell and David Ramsey. Need I say more?

Seriously These two guys are amazing and genuine. 

So this is my repeat photo, but it was totally worth it!
First off I love Amell to pieces and I was wearing one of his
Fuck Cancer shirts, so we flipped off the camera together in
support. I just wish I had worn the shirt differently, I bought
it when I was a lot bigger. But I'm just so happy with this
picture, and how he didn't hesitate to oblige my request. 

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  1. Salt Lake Comic Con Chaotic Fun 2016, wow good to see that you were enjoying a lot with your friends and great to see you back.


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