Monday, May 20, 2013

Season and Series Finale Depression 2013 (Possible Spoilers)

Are you ever so excited for a season finale or series finale that you get really disappointed when it doesn't go how you were hoping? Yeah me too. I'm having a lot of heartburn over a few of these said season finales and series finales. So I'm going to attack them one by one in hopes that by getting it out here, it will make me feel slightly better.

1. How I Met Your Mother:

This show is one of my all-time favorites. I have watched it from the very beginning, and so to finally find out who the mother is - or more like what she looks like - is beyond exciting. The part I take heartache over is the fact that in the season finale, they didn't reveal if Barney and Robin actually get married. This normally wouldn't be a big deal, but the season finale last year showed that Barney was getting married. The season premiere this season revealed that Barney is marrying Robin. And the entire season has been watching how they get to this moment. So why would you not show the wedding actually happen?? This has bothered me for a week now. And it's going to bother me until the new season starts.

2. Bones

So I may have just started watching this show and may have gone through all eight seasons in a little less than a month. I don't have a problem. Really. I ended up really enjoying this show (obviously) and even though there were some annoyances, they were minor compared to the 8th season finale. I'm not sure why they have dragged out this baddie for two seasons now, but they need to just kill the dude and move on. He's already taken Brennan/Bones away for 3 months, which made Booth lose that time with his new daughter, and now this jerk is calling the shots on whether Booth and Brennan can get married? It's kind of frustrating to me that they would even go there. So help me if the writers break these two up I will have to kill someone. It took way too long for them to get together to have them break up after only a couple seasons. So my thoughts are, they find the jerk, kill him, Booth explains and they have a wedding all in the season premiere. Too much to ask?

3. Merlin

Ok so I'm honestly not sure if the final episode has aired in the US, and I'm not going to say how I have seen it if it hasn't, but I may have watched the entire fifth season in one day. I seriously don't have a problem.

With this one I had some expectations on how it should end. It is the series finale after all. And I don't know why I'm so upset considering they didn't exactly follow the tale how we know it (Sword in the Stone anyone?), but the ending was seriously depressing! First off here's what my hopes for the ending were:

Merlin finally reveals to Arthur that he has magic. Arthur is at first upset about it, but then comes around when he sees this is the only way to defeat Morgana. The kingdom is saved, and they are finally in peace. Arthur and Guinevere are able to start a family and Merlin is able to use his magic for good. Arthur and Merlin become not only best friends, but equals in a manner of sorts. Merlin is no longer Arthur's servant.

Yeah this is not at all how it went. Merlin did reveal he has magic to Arthur, but only after Arthur is dying from a stab wound from war declared on him by Morgana. Arthur is mad, but does come around in the end. Merlin does kill Morgana, but Arthur ends up dying too. Merlin then has to bury/burn Arthur's body at sea and then Guinevere is now ruling Camelot. Final scene is an elderly Merlin walking up a paved road as a semi-truck drives by. He's all alone, everyone is gone, and he's still alive. I found this to be so depressing and sad. After Merlin spends all this time continually saving his friends, he's left with the burden of aging slower and having to watch everyone he loves die before him. How is this a good ending?? I understand that he is to stand by the once and future King Arthur, but I'm still at a loss on what this means. Once means "one-time" and future means that there will be another King Arthur, but how can they go hand-in-hand? Someone please explain this to me.

Do you have a season or series finale that isn't sitting well with you? Feel free to share your thoughts.

TV Review: Doctor Who: The Name of The Doctor Thoughts (Spoilers!)

So the season finale of Doctor Who happened this weekend and with it came a lot of emotions. Some good, some sad, and some I'm just not sure. I do have to say though, that this episode was by far the best episode of the entire season. I feel bad for Jenna Louise Coleman (Clara) for coming into a show where the episodes written around her character were only sub par. But this finale made up for everything, and all of the assumptions and theories of whom Clara is to The Doctor were quashed. No one saw it coming and that's what made this so much better.

I have to give props to the editors of this episode for helping mesh the Classic Who with New Who. It made me a giddy little girl to see Clara having been with every version of the Doctor at some point in his life. I mean Clara at one point was a Time Lady! That is a big deal. And she was at the library where 10 had saved River into the database!

Speaking of River, having to say goodbye to her officially was a bittersweet moment. We've always known since we met her that we were going to have to say goodbye. I mean she dies the first time we meet her, but knowing that was most likely the last time we will see her, made me a little sad. I know her timeline is all wibbly-wobbly and The Doctor never met her in order, and this could mean maybe somewhere down the road he runs into her again, but this felt final. The final chapter in the Pond storyline. Goodbye River Song, RIP.

Now the part of the episode that made me go WTF and wonder if I should be mad, is at the end when The Doctor's biggest secret is revealed, and it's not his name. It's the fact that there is another regeneration of him that he has decided to forget because this regeneration had been involved in the Time War and killed his own people. And therefore The Doctor doesn't think this regeneration of himself worthy of being called The Doctor. Where this bothers me is that Moffatt is playing god again. He has done everything in his power to erase the Davies era. He has decided not only to create a new regeneration, but mess with what the fandom has become accustomed to. We all know that The Doctor only has 12 regenerations in his lifespan. And with this new revelation, we now see that Matt Smith's Doctor may possibly be the 12th, not the 11th regeneration. I. don't. like. this. at. all.

Now the other reason Moffatt has decided to go this way is because Christopher Eccleston decided not to participate in the 50th anniversary special, so Moffatt went another way. We are aware that Eccleston is not the biggest fan of his role he played in the Whoniverse, but this doesn't mean Moffatt gets to mess with the history anymore than he already has. This really does bother me. It's no secret I'm not a Moffatt fan and it worries me what he's doing to the Whoniverse.  With this being said, I am also intrigued to see where he plans to go with this. The 50th anniversary special is something I'm looking forward to more than anything and November can't come soon enough.

I also thought I would share a few of the most important moments from the finale in gif format (credit goes to those who made them):

And speaking of all the 50th Anniversary excitement, a really cool thing happened. Apparently there was a shipping mistake in the issuance of the 7th season of Doctor Who on dvd. They were shipped prematurely to the US, and about 200 people received it a week before they should have. This led to a possible leak of this episode and the potential ruining of a huge secret. But because this fandom rocks, the secret was never leaked, not a single moment was blown. This is amazing people. And because the fandom is so awesome, we were rewarded with a special behind the scenes video (see below). This anniversary special is going to be so damn awesome.

How adorable are they?? I ship them whole-heartedly. That's not creepy right?  I'm also including a couple pics that have been released of the filming of the special. These pictures make me smile every time. I love this show so much.

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