Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Today's Thoughts

It's funny how hopping on YouTube to check out a video of Pete Burns (Lead singer of Dead or Alive) and how he looks today can lead you to start on a binge of weird/sad/creepy/moving/inspirational videos. All because I had heard on the radio that Pete Burns looks freaky. And yes, yes he does (A bad version of Cher is my take). You should go check it out if you want to see. It's just crazy how you can go to the website to check out a video and get sucked in for hours watching related topics. I seriously had no idea how much time I had spent until I noticed that the sun had left me for the day.

I hate high school drama, I'm pretty sure I left that behind me a long time ago. It's funny how it creeps back into your life all because some people think their loyalties are placed with the right person. For me I'm sitting back to see how well that plays out for them.

I love how excited I get when I think of how I will be taking time off in December to go to Vegas (MJ Cirque du Soleil baby!), and then I remember it's only November, and it's too far away to get very excited yet. And then I remember I'm taking the week of Christmas off too, and I get all excited again only to remind myself that too is too far away. It's a vicious cycle. I really need to spread out my time off through the year better.

I hope that Adele recovers soon because she's got an amazing voice and I'd hate for her to not be able to sing again.

I need to go watch House and take a nap before my karate lesson tonight. Hi-ya!!!

Pictures I found funny.

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