Monday, October 31, 2011

One of My Many Goals

So I have made it a personal goal in my life to convert every single person to what I call Whovianism. And once you convert you will then be called a Whovian. What is this you say? The utmost important conversion one person can make.

I recently (over the summer) converted myself, and am now a proud Whovian (thanks to my brother (you rock by the way!) Justin and his very cute girlfriend Clare).

Please take a moment to open your minds and heed the words I'm about to share:

The Doctor
Time Travel
Space Travel

Interested yet? You should be. This will change your life.

Ok so I might be building it up a bit (ok a lot), but it's worth it! I have found my religion, and plan to preach it where and when I can (I could be worse than a mormon, oh snap)!

To be continued.


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