Monday, October 31, 2011

About Me

So I get the constant question when I meet new people, "what are your hobbies"? To be honest I bloody hate this question, because I don't think of myself as an exciting person, and I also hate to talk about myself. So let's get this out of the way:

My name is Chryshele (how did you get this name?). I really am not sure if I have the story right, but I always tell people my mom knew a lady who had named her daughter the same name (mom interject as needed).

I'm 30 (yep the dreaded 3-0).

Never been married (and I'm ok with that, boys suck right now, and usually all the time).

And I'm a self-appointed geek/nerd/fanatic take your pick. And I'm damn proud of it.

This is where I like to talk. I know what I love, and I will share it with anyone who will listen, so long as it's not about me directly.

So what are my hobbies? TV, Music, Movies, Books and the occasional Video Game. So expect a lot of discussion on the like (I like to write and paint too, but not as much. Funny how I started a blog...)
Yep this is me. Semi-recent picture.

Alright moving on.

P.S. I might piss people off with my sarcasm and direct comments. I'm ok with this as long as you are.

And now commence!

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