Friday, February 13, 2015

Rewatch: The Dead Zone

I'd just finished The X-Files and needed something else to watch. I've kind of decided to do a rewatch of a show and then also watch a new-to-me show in my down time. And by down time I mean while I'm not watching currently airing shows. Did I mention I'm lacking in a life? So again it was a "hey I wanna watch the pilot" moment that turned into watching the entire series. When I was into the third season I realized I had yet to purchase the final season, so I promptly rectified that situation so I wouldn't have to halt my watching.

I do have to mention I feel like I may have some kind of super power here. So far a good amount of the shows I've chosen to rewatch have resulted in having a cast member from that show attend the Salt Lake Comic Con or FanX Experience. Two years ago I did a rewatch of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (I didn't do a post because I rewatch this one a lot) and Dean Cain attended the first SLCC, then last year I rewatched Smallville and Michael Rosenbaum attended SLCC. And then I rewatched The X-Files and Laurie Holden attended this year's FanX (and as a bonus there very well may be a reboot coming), as well as Anthony Michael Hall, of which I'm convinced is because I rewatched The Dead Zone. I tell you, it's a super power. So let me know if I should rewatch a show for someone that you would like to have attend if you're in the area.

Now onto the main event, my rewatch feels for The Dead Zone:

This show is based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. There also happens to be a 1980's movie starring Christopher Walken based on the novel as well. For me when the show first aired, I got a bit excited. I love Stephen King, and the movie wasn't half bad. Also this isn't like a lot of Stephen King novels to me, so that interested me as well to see where a TV series could take the story. And let me tell you, we got six great seasons before USA abruptly canceled the show leaving us without a true ending that wrapped up the six season long arc. I feel that was a bit of a dickish move on USA's part, but the show did it's best to wrap up what they could with the short notice they had, and even though I have a lot of questions, I'm still ok with the ending for the most part.

I would like to know what happens to Stillson, because that was kind of left up in the air in the final episode. I mean up until that point, Johnny was still seeing Armageddon when he touched him, and so was JJ! And what happened to Johnny's father? We just found out he was alive, and then it looked like he was poisoned, but nothing was really said on whether he actually died or not. The only thing I would like to think had a clear answer was if Johnny and Sara end up together again finally. And I think the answer is a definitive yes.

With the rewatch I was reminded of how they changed the actor playing JJ three times. The first time was understandable, the kid just wasn't the right fit. The second kid was on the show for the majority of the series, and then in the final season they change the kid up again. Now my thought on this is because it took nearly two years for the final season to air, and I think the actor was either not available any longer, or just no longer interested. The kid they replaced him with I do have to admit was the best actor out of the three. It's just like with any show that replaces a character, you wonder if they think the audience is dumb or unobservant.

Also in the final episode I noticed how not great Sean Patrick Flanery looked. I don't know what he did in that two year break, but man. He looked better when he starred on Dexter a few years later, but not much. I think a little too much on the botox or something there. He just looks puffier and it could totally be me, but I don't think so.

And it's always bothered me that Dana Bright was kind of just phased out of the show without much explanation. I get that she needed to not be an obstacle for Johnny anymore so they could move forward with the Johnny/Sara thing, but I would have liked to see her say goodbye or something. It's just me wanting more closure.

And then in the final season Bruce left us. And that made me really sad because I love Bruce. He was Johnny's wing-man for everything and Bruce not being in the final season left a bit of a hole. It didn't hurt that he was good to look at either, and I missed that too.

Overall, I enjoyed my rewatch. I have to admit I've seen the first few seasons several times, it used to be a favorite of mine to watch over and over, but the later seasons I'd only seen once so that was nice to rewatch those and see how the story flowed.

The icing on the cake was having the chance to see Anthony Michael Hall this past January and getting to ask him a question related to the show. And to have him look at me directly the entire time he answered my question. That's some class from a very classy guy. And if you're curious as to what my questions was... I asked him "With all of these past shows returning, do you see The Dead Zone coming back and wrapping up the story line?", to which he answered, "I'm not sure, I know a lot of fans were upset at the cancellation and we did our best to tie up loose ends the best we could, but if given the chance it would be nice to finish the story." So with that I feel like AMH would be on board should the opportunity come, but don't quote me on that. I'll share one here, but check out my upcoming Salt Lake Comic Con Fan X post for some pics of AMH and all the other fun I had.

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