Thursday, February 12, 2015

2014 Ended Like This (Belated Post)

So we're in the middle of the second month of a new year, and here I am realizing I haven't posted since September, and I wish I had a better excuse than laziness, but I don't. A lot happened since then, but also nothing happened. Things made me happy, things made me sad, things made me complacent, and things made me apprehensive. So I thought I would wrap up the final months of last year in pictures. It's really the best way.

He started the bike himself. He's a born rider

X-Files Re-watch. Forthcoming post!

Best moments are snuggling with this sleeping boy

She wasn't happy I was leaving for the night

Work retreat. Best date ever right here.

Halloween. I went for fun, wifey went for scary. See below.

A slight vacuum obsession. Could be worse.

A true act of love right here

Saying goodbye to the Paper Moon

This is typical. He strips down and destroys the house. Good
thing I love him to pieces.

Planetarium time!

Took a trip to Mars

Participated in a campaign and got a kickass shirt out of it

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