Saturday, September 13, 2014

SLC Comic Con Chaotic Fun 2014

The second annual Salt Lake Comic Con happened a week ago, and I'm still having withdrawals. This year was filled with so many great things, and I have so many memories to hold onto. I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, because I spent most of my time waiting in lines for photo ops and attending panels. Next year I think I will balance my time better and walk the floor more and capture all of the cosplays that catch my eye. Nevertheless I had an amazing time, saw a few really great cosplays, went to some awesome panels and met a couple really nice celebrities. For me that's a win-win.

The panels I attended were all great. Some were better than others, and one in particular won out as the best, with another in close second. My sister whom I took with me this year fell in love with a particular celebrity after attending his panel, and for me that meant the world. So below I share with you my experience at this year's comic con:

So Thursday was a crazy beginning to the con, we had to wait in line for about an hour, which honestly wasn't bad compared to those that had to wait 4 hours. So no real complaints there. My main concern was getting in before the Doctor Who panel started. And thankfully we did. So to make sure we would get a seat, we went into the Cary Elwes panel which was right before the Doctor Who panel. Turns out I'm glad we went. He was so charming, sweet and funny. He even ran lines with a disabled fan.

Next up was the Doctor Who panel, which I had been looking forward to. We had two Doctors! Colin Baker and Paul McGann. It was a fun panel, we got some behind the scenes nuggets and they were really great about the questions. Even the dumb ones. Rumors were put to rest, which made us sad, but not for long because I had a photo op with them a couple hours later, so we headed over to find the photo op area, and spy on the celebs there signing autographs. You know as you do.

The amazing photo op was not only my first one ever, but the first one of the Con as well, and both men were so nice and sweet during the photo. Colin Baker even commented on my blue hair. He totally got it! It was blue to represent the TARDIS. It made me feel good.

After the photo op we decided to walk the floor and check out the booths. There were so many more booths this year compared to last, and we had a blast walking around and checking out all the nerdy merchandise. We then went and checked out a ghost stories panel before calling it a day.

Day two consisted of us getting up early and then waiting in line for two and half hours before they opened the floor. Once in, we headed straight to the photo ops area because I had my photo with Michael Rosenbaum first thing. And damn is he adorable. He did a little dance as I walked toward him and it may have melted my heart a bit. My picture didn't turn out the greatest, because they rush you in those things, so I was still working on the smile when I heard "click". Oh well. I still have a photo with him and that's what matters.

We then walked the floor a little more, met up with my friend Doxey for a minute and then went and chilled with Gus Fring aka Giancarlo Esposito. And I have to say he was great! He would be perfect as a motivational speaker, and thankfully he's not as intimidating as his alias Gus. I really enjoyed his panel and he was great with all of the questions about Breaking Bad and Once Upon a Time.

Up next was Michael Rosenbaum's panel. And let me tell you this man was a riot! He was all over the place, never stayed up on the stage and genuinely looked like he was having a great time. We learned he loves to make people uncomfortable and converse with babies. He had no problem poking fun at himself, the fans, or his co-stars. At that time his panel was the best one I'd ever been to. I think I can speak for everyone there when I say, we had a blast.

We decided we would call it a day early this time and go home to catch up on rest before hitting day three, so we hitched a ride on the train and crashed not long after getting home.

Day three started out well, we had planned to go to two panels that were back to back, but knew they would be hard to get into, so we decided to hit up the panel before the two, and it was a win. The panel was great with Simon Helberg and he was very sweet to the fans. The panel was packed, and honestly I don't think it was really all for him. I initially hadn't planned to go, and hearing from others they ended up doing the same thing I did. Regardless, I am glad I attended his panel.

Next up was one I had been waiting for since it was announced he would be attending the Con. Stephen Amell. And man was I excited to see him. Slowly over the past couple years since Arrow has been airing, I have developed a crush on him. And for those that know me, I don't do blondes, but man he won me over. So as soon as he walked out on stage, I fangirled a little and basically watched him up on stage with swoony eyes. He was so cute and sweet to everyone (something I'm aware I've said about every celebrity so far), and even attempted to give us the "Arrow Intro" with assistance from the audience. It was a good time for all. I've included the entire panel because of amazing people recording it and uploading it to YouTube. Enjoy!

Up next was John Barrowman, obviously the one most had been waiting for. I have since been told that not even half the people that waited in line for him got in. So my strategy worked perfectly. I just had to glue my butt to a chair for two hours in order to see him. Which really wasn't all that bad. John himself was amazing in every sense of the word. His panel was by far the best one I went to, and I have never had so much fun in a panel. The man didn't sit still for a second, was full of energy, dirty jokes, great stories, and motivational moments. I loved every minute of his panel, and he won himself a new fan in my sister who had no clue who he was before that panel (Torchwood here we come!). I've included a video of him serenading us at the end of his panel. It was adorable.

And I've included a link to almost the entire panel if you'd like to go view it. I can't seem to upload it on here from YouTube. Thanks again to another amazing person that recorded it. (Click Here)

Right after Barroman(!) we changed rooms and attended Eve Myles' panel. She is adorable! She started crying when she walked out on stage. It was a modest attendance, but to her it meant the world. I teared up a bit myself for her. She was so cute, and told some great stories about Barrowman that would make anyone blush. It was a great panel for what I gathered being her first solo panel. I'm so glad I opted to check it out.

Once we finally finished all of our panels, it was time for me to head over to the photo ops area because I was getting my picture taken with two very attractive men. First up was John Barrowman who surprised me when I walked in with a hug, so my picture is of me with this super surprised cheesy grin. I was kind of upset at first, but now I'm gonna own it, and relish in the fact that he hugged me. My next photo op was with Stephen Amell, and oh my god. He is even more gorgeous up close. I was a bit intimidated as I walked up to him for my two second picture moment, but he put his arm around me, our picture turned out perfect, and I was able to freak out after the picture and out of his view. It was honestly one of the best moments of the Con, and a great way to end the day. We were so tired by that time that we didn't walk the booths like we had planned, and instead headed for the train home. I did catch me a picture of a weeping angel on the way out, and managed to finally get me a picture of my outfit for the day. So for as long as we sat in lines, we had a successful day.

Overall I had the best time, and I think it's safe to say my sister enjoyed her first Comic Con. I can't wait for next year!

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