Friday, February 10, 2012

Noun Time #1 - Oh The Places I'll Go....Or Want To....Edition 1

So I've decided that Friday's will now be Noun Time Day. What does this mean you ask? It means I'm going to do a dedicated post once a week based loosely on a person, place or thing (noun get it?). I think this will be fun and help change things up a bit. So how this will work is Noun Time #1 will be Places, Noun Time #2 will be Things and Noun Time #3 will be People. And I will then have editions within those focusing on those particular nouns. Make sense? No? Eh. Just read on.

For this week's edition I would like to talk about one of the places I want to go to if I were rich and had all the time in the world. A girl can dream, it's allowed. I promise.  I'll do one place at a time so that I can stretch this out and keep you wondering. As if!

England baby!!

The Cottages are adorable!!

Westminster Abbey yo!

London Tower (love the arrow slits!)

There are several reasons why I want to visit England. And the #1 reason is The Beatles, but a close 2nd would be because of Friends. Ever since watching Joey step into his map, I've wanted to visit. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. I've found over the years many more reasons to visit England ranging from TV shows (Doctor Who) to the architecture (see picture above). The country has so much history and I want to soak it all in like a big fat sponge. The buildings are gorgeous, the homes are so cute, and the landscape is so green (coming from Utah you'll understand why this excites me)!

On more than one occasion I've day dreamt that I would live in England and adopt a posh British accent and come back and amaze my friends and family at how proper and sexy (yes I said it) I would sound. And one day this may very well happen. Well at least the living there part, I believe the accent part is a bit more difficult, but I could force it.

I want to go walk on the cross walk from the Abbey Road album, and go to Liverpool and visit the restored Cavern (where The Beatles played before they were famous). I want to go drink tea with the Queen (see in my head the Queen and I would be friends). I want to see a Rugby match, and drink beer at a pub. And most of all I want to try and make a British Guard smile in front of Buckingham Palace. I don't think any of this is out of question....well maybe making the guard smile, but everything else could easily be done!

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