Monday, February 13, 2012

TV Review: House, M.D.

*Spoilers if you haven't seen this week's episode!*

Those that know me well know that I'm a fan of House. I'm not an original fan though. I kinda fell upon the show end of second season. I was watching American Idol and the finale of House was airing right after. During the show they kept airing previews for House, and the episode happened to be the one where House gets shot. The previews intrigued me so much, as I had heard about this show and how great it was, but I felt that because I hadn't started from the beginning that I'd be lost. I was wrong. It was pretty easy to follow. And I was immediately hooked. During that summer I had made it my mission to catch up before the new season started. And in fact when the new season started in the fall, I happened to be on my way to California. We were stopped in Vegas overnight, and I actually decided to stay in the hotel room and watch the season premiere instead of getting drunk and gambling my money away. I still think I made the right decision.
Original Cast

Well needless to say I've loved the show since. It was just announced this past week that the show will be ending at the end of this season, and I have to say I'm not really surprised. I hate to admit it, but the show has gone down hill slowly. I don't know how many more catastrophes can happen to House. I mean getting shot, being investigated for prescription forgery, going insane and spending months in an asylum, going to jail for driving his car into his exes house, and then the smaller dramas in between would be more than a normal person can handle. So to say that it got somewhat out of control and unbelievable is being nice.

This being said, tonight's episode reminded me of the first couple seasons of House. And I have to say I absolutely loved this episode! It had the heart, the laughter, and the overall House feeling the show has lost over the seasons. This is just what the show needed about three seasons ago.

I love when they focus on a particular character of the show, basically breaking from the typical formula. A lot of the time when they break the formula the focus is on House himself. And I typically enjoy these episodes, because they take him out of his element, and the writing is usually above average bordering on excellent. This week's episode was focused on Chase following having been stabbed the previous week (yes I know another traumatic experience, but this time it wasn't House). This episode focused on his mental status following his near death experience. This brought him to come face to face with his faith he abandoned years ago, and come to terms with his playboy persona. The episode shows him at his lowest and actually realizing he's hit bottom. And without giving too much away, the episode ends with him admitting he has issues and needs to deal with them. And in doing so we got to see House actually admit himself that he's self-destructive and that he does care about someone other than himself. Something he has never really done. Well not directly and out in the open. Watching Chase deal with this trauma and come to terms with it, actually brought tears to my eyes. Another thing that really hasn't happened in a while with the show.

I just hope that with the show wrapping up this season, that we will have the pleasure to experience more of these episodes, and start to see more heart again. Because that's what's helped make the show in the beginning and should help end the show. Don't get me wrong I enjoy House being an ass as much as the next person, but it does wear on you when it's time after time. So to see the softer side on occasion helps balance the show out.

Here's to hoping that this last half of the season will be spectacular and the show can go out with a bang and not disappoint. I'm trying not to have too many expectations, but alas I do because as much as I ragged on it above, I really do love the show.

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