Monday, February 20, 2012

Noun Time #1 - Oh The Places I'll Go....Or Want To....Edition 2

So I keep changing my mind on how I want to do this. I've decided that Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's are going to be the Noun Time Days. Monday's will be the Noun - Place, Wednesday's - Thing, and Friday's - Person. I feel that in doing this, I can write and share more and maybe people can enjoy more.

For today's edition of Oh The Places I'll Go...Or Want To.... we find ourselves on the lovely islands of the state of Hawaii.

Do I really need to say more after seeing these pictures? 

I have always been intrigued by island living, and being secluded on a small piece of land. I have also always wanted to go somewhere that the temperatures are pretty much ideal. And by ideal I mean no snow. I almost had an opportunity to actually visit Oahu a couple years ago, but sadly it fell through. The longing to go hasn't waned though, and this is why it's my #2 destination spot. 

I'm not a beach person at all. I had a traumatic experience when I was a child - which I won't bore you with -that left me disliking sand very very much. But putting that aside, I could absolutely see myself sitting on a beach sipping a mai tai getting my tan on. I know, I'm a weird duck, but this is what makes me loveable (I tell myself this to make me feel better). I can also see me scootering around any of the islands, zip-lining high through the trees, and enjoying a helicopter ride whilst island jumping. And if I see myself on a beach enjoying it, then I guess I also see myself hiking the gorgeous mountains, something I also dislike very very much. That's what vacations are for, to do things you otherwise normally wouldn't do.

Being that I don't need a passport or thousands of dollars (for airfare alone) to travel to Hawaii, I can see that this place is still a possibility, and then I smile. 

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