Friday, January 27, 2012

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Program to Present....

In lieu of a Because of Doctor Who edition today, I am showcasing a video found on YouTube and featured in BBC America's Anglophenia blog giving a run down of every episode of Doctor Who to have ever aired in only 10 minutes, which is a feat in and of it's own:

Don't worry kids, Because of Doctor Who will return next Friday as scheduled. I know you're all so excited! Well at least I am.....

Update: The video creator has unfortunately made it unavailable to view anywhere other than YouTube, so below is the link to the video. 


  1. i read the information which was provided above the video. but i couldnt get access to the video. please could you fix that for us? Thanks.

    1. Thank you for letting me no the video no longer works. I have provided a link to the video, as you are no longer able to view it outside of YouTube.


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