Wednesday, January 4, 2012

TV Review: The Guild

I've been watching the show The Guild recently. And I have to say even though I'm not an RPG player, I found this show really funny. For those not familiar with the premise of the show I will provide a brief synopsis:

The Guild is about a group of RPG players that play a game similar to World of Warcraft called The Game. The show is based on this group (The Guild) and their online conversations while they play The Game. They do venture away from their computer and get together, but I found the computer conversations superior to any other part of the show.

The Guild has just recently wrapped up its 5th season, and I was able to watch the entire series in a matter of  a couple days due to the simplicity and length of the episode. The beauty of it was that I was able to watch a few episodes whilst filing at work because the episodes are only on average 8 minutes long. Aside from this perk I found that there were a couple other perks:

- It was a geek haven with the numerous cameos throughout the show. To name a few; Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, Zachary Levi and oh so many more.
- No matter what you say about Zune, I was able to download every episode from every season as well as all extra material for free. Yup take that iTunes! (I hear it's not available to them yet, this might not be true....) You can watch all of the episodes online for free no matter what, but I still like that I could download them legally and have them available to watch whenever I choose.
- Even though I'm not an RPG player, I found I could relate to their nerdiness, and this made me happy. I love that geek is a good thing! For so long I had to hide for fear of ridicule, now it's cool to be uncool more than ever. I love it.

I recommend this show for fun quick-witted entertainment.

The End.

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