Thursday, January 26, 2012

TV Reviews: Downton Abbey & Eureka

I thought I would take a few minutes and discuss a couple of the shows I have been watching or recently watched. As you all know I'm a TV addict, and what would my blog be without a post on shows that I'm enjoying?

Downton Abbey - I recently just watched both seasons that have aired thus far, and I have to say for a period show, this one is mighty fine. I love watching a family of money interact with the "help" in a way that shows that not only do they appreciate their assistance, but that this family really does care about their employees. A virtue that not very many employers have now days. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, here's a brief synopsis:

The show follows the Crawley family and their servants.

There I hope that helped. Ok,'s a British TV show that is set in the early 1900's and we follow them through some of the poignant historical moments of this world. There is laughter, crying, romance, war and so much more. You will fall in love with this beautifully made show from the gorgeous setting to the characters themselves. It's a must see, because it's worth all of the raving.

Thanks Amber for turning me onto this show!

Eureka - I just started watching this show on Sunday, and I'm still trying to figure out how I've managed to go 5 years without ever watching this show. I remember when it first started airing and I was intrigued, but for some reason I never watched. And honestly I started watching it now because of my 2012 goal to watch more sci-fi TV shows. And I'm glad that I did. It's quirky, funny, and down right weird. I love it! Brief synopsis:

The show is about Jack a U.S. Marshal who is taking his runaway daughter back to LA to his ex-wife, when he runs into a bit of trouble and crashes his car in the town of Eureka (where a government facility is secretly held that houses a bunch of scientists inventing much of the technology that we use today and will use in the future). The car's damage ends up requiring them to stay for a few days, to where Jack encounters some very odd happenings. Well needless to say the town Sheriff ends up getting injured and Jack gets "promoted" by the U.S. government to be the new Sheriff in town. The show follows his daily encounters with the small town's quirky people and crazy inventions.

This show is really fun to watch, and I want Jack's house (you'll need to watch to see what I mean).

Downton Abbey Season 1 and Eureka Seasons 1-3.5 are available on Netflix. Downton Abbey Season 2 is available on PBS' website (although they are airing Season 2 late and only one episode per week. In order to see all of Season 2, you will need to find another source). Season 4 is not yet on Netflix, so you'll need to find another source as well, and Season 5 is due to air this year some time.


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