Friday, August 2, 2013

I Need New Music. Help!

So I've been listening to my iPod a lot more lately with having started a new job (last job I may have watched Netflix while I worked. I swear it made me more productive), and I'm really starting to get bored of all my music. So I'm reaching out to my readers to help me. I'm asking you to provide me with bands/artists/music that you like and think I would as well. I will preface this by listing the music genres I can't stand and which I truly love. So please don't suggest something in the genre I don't like and then say, "I know you don't like this type of music, but this person/band will change your mind", because you will be wrong. With that being said, start suggesting away! Pretty please!

Genres I hate:

Country (oh god do I hate country)
Boy Band Pop

Genres I like/love:

Classic Rock
Rock & Roll in general
Indie Pop
Indie Rock
New Wave
Pop (60's-80's mainly)

Some band that I like that might give you a better idea are:

The Beatles
Band of Horses
Maroon 5
Matchbox Twenty
Bon Jovi
Crooked Fingers
The National
The Editors
Frightened Rabbit
Glas Vegas
Hot Hot Heat
Elton John
Peter Gabriel
Matt & Kim
Naked & Famous

Oh and if it sounds like country then no thank you. Example: Mumford & Sons

I'm really not as picky as I sound either. I promise.


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