Friday, March 29, 2013

My Magical Mystery Tour

So it's been almost a week since this happened. I'm kind of a procrastinator sometimes, but I did need to make it known that I spent my Sunday afternoon last weekend with one of my most favorite people and her father. We went to this little bar called The City Club up in Ogden. I didn't know this place existed until Jordan mentioned it to me, and being the giant Beatles fan I am, I felt mighty ashamed to not know about this place. It did make me feel better to find out that one of my other favorite people, Angie, who is also a giant Beatles fan, didn't know about it either. Anywho, I thought I would document my experience with a few pictures of the decor. Their drink list is pretty much the best too with drinks name after their songs. And as if it were meant to be, the entire time we were there they played Paul's solo work. The gods knew I'd be there me thinks.

Angie we will be going soon! You must experience this place as well, it's a necessary thing. 

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