Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Love for Amazon.com

If you know me, you know that I love amazon.com. It's my place to shop online, and I do in fact own a Kindle of theirs. And seeing a commercial for the Kindle the other day made me realize just how amazing and progressive amazon.com really is. The commercial I speak of depicts a woman reading on her Paper White Kindle and a man sitting next to her reading on his iPad. He then strikes up a conversation with her asking about her Kindle. The man then says he has purchased his own Kindle and then what the woman assumes is the guy hitting on her, mentions her husband is at the bar getting her a drink. The man then says "so is mine", and it pans to two men at the bar conversing between themselves while purchasing drinks for their significant other. It's pretty obvious why I find this commercial amazing, and if not I will tell you why; they openly show a gay couple as if it's normal. And guess what? It is! I'm hoping in the future, we can see more commercials like this. And sadly to say I'm sure the One Million Moms group are all over this with their bigot hands trying to start a new hate campaign against amazon.com for destroying the sanctity of marriage and some other kind of bullshit. So I would formally like to thank amazon.com, your advertising techniques have made me want to shop with you for a very long time. And in case you haven't seen the commercial and didn't like my description, below is the actual commercial. Enjoy!

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