Saturday, September 1, 2012

Walter White Scares Me

So for the past two weeks I have been watching this little show called Breaking Bad. If you haven't seen this show you should stop reading as there will be spoilers and instead you should go watch the show.

To start off I have been avoiding this show. It's about cooking meth, something I have nothing in common with. It's an intense drama, something I'm not too keen on. I don't like shows that stress me out normally, but after a lot of encouragement from both my brother and my friend Jordan, I broke down and started to watch. Cut to two weeks later I'm all caught up. This show was as addicting as the drug they cook and sell on the show. I could not stop watching.

With this being said I feel like I should offer my theory of how this show will end. So again if you haven't seen the show or aren't up to speed then stop here and go watch the show. You've been warned.

Ok to begin. Walter White is a serious psycho who scares the hell out of me, yet I can't stop wanting to know what he will do next. There aren't a whole lot of likable characters in this show. Walt being one of them. I'd say my favorites are Hank, Saul and Mike. And unfortunately Mike met his demise last week, so that leaves me with Hank and Saul.

So here is my theory as goes: Hank puts two and two together after finding the Walt Whitman book. He then devises a plan to find out everything he can about Walt's involvement with not only Gale, but Gus and Mike. Hank will find out that Saul is linked to all of this as well and Saul will cave and give Walt and Jesse away to save himself.

Meanwhile Walt has told Skyler that he is out and done with the cooking. Skyler wants to believe him, but is unsure. She ends up leaving Walt when she finds out Hank knows.

Walt now knows that Hank is on to him and decides that he will have to take care of it and tries to take Hank out. He fails miserably and gets caught. To avoid prison time he turns states witness to help take down anyone who is a threat to him.

Why do I think this? Because as my good friend Jordan pointed out, in the beginning of the season 5 premiere you see Walt a year from now seemingly on the run, but there is a brief shot of where it looks like he might be wearing a wire. So this leads me to think that he has decided to work with the Feds now.

I'm still trying to work out him coming back to New Mexico and getting a car filled with guns, but I think Skyler finds out he's back in town and decides her life won't be safe again until Walt is dead.

Meanwhile to wrap up the other characters, Jesse has worked a deal with the DEA himself and is now a CI. Saul has skipped town after ratting everyone out. Walt Jr has followed in the footsteps of Hank after finding out his dad is a monster and is now the mailroom kid for the DEA. Hank and Marie move on up as Hank gets the biggest promotion of his life for capturing "The Heisenberg". In which Marie decorates the new house in everything purple. After Skyler succeeds in killing Walt, it's ruled self defense and she doesn't serve any time and goes back to working at the car wash making it a legitimate business.

I will be glad if even a portion is right, but this is my theory with help from Jordan's own thoughts. We will have to wait till next year to see how it all pans out, and I'm sure in that time several theories will come to light feeding and maybe possibly morphing my own. Man this show is great.

I hope you're ok with me sharing some of your thoughts Jordan!


  1. Of course you can share! I'll probably link you in my mega breaking bad post as well. I loved reading this, some very interesting perspectives...hmm.

    Now we have to wait until next JULY.

    1. Link away! I'm excited to read what you are writing. I can't believe we have to wait that long. Thank you for encouraging me to watch the show I had no idea how crazy good it was.


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