Thursday, September 6, 2012

Some Thoughts

Sometimes I want to shave my head, and other days I want my hair down to my butt. It all depends on the day and the weather. Most of this summer I've wanted a shaved head. If I could pull it off I'd seriously consider it one day.

The bun directly on top of the head is not a cute look. It looks homely and unattractive. Pebbles lived in the prehistoric times and that's where her hairstyle should stay.

The t-shirt under everything not meant to have a t-shirt under it look is old and annoying. If it's a sleeveless, or strapless shirt, then wear it that way. If you can't, then don't buy it. It looks stupid with a shirt under it.

I'm really excited for the iPhone 5 to come out next week. And I really hope it doesn't suck. I want it to be my next phone in December.

I started reading a new book series called Frankenstein by Dean Koontz. I'm on the first book and am about 130 pages into it. So far it's not what I expected it to be. That is all I will say for now.

I'm very excited for fall TV returning. There are a couple new shows that I've had the chance to watch the pilot, and I'm interested to see how they go from there. If you want to, you can check out all of NBC's new shows online right now, either through, hulu plus or if you have comcast on demand. So far my favorite new ones are The New Normal and Go On. You should check them out.


  1. Coughtopknotsarecoolcough.

    Go do my tv quiz on fb or on the blog tomorrow morning at 7am when it goes LIVE.

    1. Ha ha I guess I should clarify that if you are going out for a nice dinner and you are dressed up and then have a pile of hair messily bunned on top of your head you defeat the purpose of looking nice.

      I will do this quiz you speak of!

  2. Don't you dare cut that gorgeous hair!


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