Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I Have A Dream (Not The Speech)

I have this dream. I would love to have a job where I'm doing what I love. I know a lot of people have this dream, and some are actually living it. I want to be one of those people.

In the past I didn't talk a lot about what I really want to do for a career, because for some reason I thought people would give me negative feedback. Those that I have shared with have never done this, yet I still felt I would get it from someone. I don't pretend to be logical all the time. And now I don't care if I do get negative feedback, I'm going to share with all:

Everyone knows by now I'm sure that I'm a TV and movie junkie. This being said I have always wanted to go into film editing. I feel with all my TV watching experience, that I have a good eye for how a scene should look and play out. I have wanted to do this from a young age. As I have grown older, my wants have shifted some. I would still love to go into film editing, but I'm also finding that I really love to write. I love to share my thoughts and views. Especially about the things I love, which mostly happen to be movies and TV with books thrown in on occasion. I would love nothing more at this point than to be a professional critic. I know, the word critic usually leaves a sour taste in a person's mouth, so let's say entertainment reviewer, and I think I could do it where it would be more entertaining than informative. I just don't know if I could get a large enough following for it to work.

I've often thought about making this blog into a review-type blog of the shows, movies and books I indulge in, and wonder if I should go about doing so. I know that I have done the occasional review, and to be honest they haven't really been that in depth. This would change. If I am to do this sort of thing, I would ask my current readers to help spread the word, and to use your influences to help make my dream become reality. I would one day like to get paid for writing, and hope one day this will be a reality.

It also seems that people are either afraid, can't or don't care to comment on my posts, I would hope you will take the time to leave a comment, whether it's positive or negative. I think this would help facilitate my dream. I want to entertain not only you, but myself, and get paid for it one day. I also need to say thank you to those that do read this little blog, and I hope you enjoy it enough to stick with me for the long haul.


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  1. You know my thoughts and I think you'd make a fantastic critic. And I get where it is hard to figure out a place to house this sort of stuff, which we've also talked about. This comment really makes no sense with me trying to be vague, but however I did not want to not leave a comment. Talk to you after lunch.


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