Monday, April 25, 2016

Slang Word Pet Peeves

So now days it seems that you can just make up a word, or pick an existing word and change its meaning. Granted, this has been happening since the dawn of time, but it seems like with the interwebs, this is more prevalent now than ever before. Some of these words are actually horribly annoying, not cute and make you sound downright stupid. So I thought I'd list the ones I absolutely cannot stand, and that are overly used:

Bae. Ugh! This is my numero uno pet peeve word. Guys it means poop. If you're using this to describe your significant other, you're a total jerk. No one wants to be called poop! You want to shorten the loving term "baby"? Then call them "babe", that's the short version of baby. Always has been.

Meow in place of now. This isn't cute, this is just dumb. Why do we want to make a cat sound when we're emphasizing an urgency? Cat cries are irritating, and so is meow. Just say now, then I'll know you really mean it.

Yas in place of yes. Does saying "yas" really express your excitement better then "yes"? No! It's not even a word people. If you want to agree emphatically please just do so actually using the word "yes" and extend it out like "yessssss", at least it's still an extension of a real word. All "yas" does is remind me of the 80's band Yaz and then I get their one hit stuck in my head. It's annoying.

Others I could do without, but don't bother me as much (including a few acronyms):

On Fleek - I'm not entirely sure what this means honestly. I have an idea...
Adorbs - I have used this as an ironic term on occasion. Never actually seriously.
Totes - Same with this one. They crack me up at how dumb they sound.
Yolo - Again used ironically, because duh! I'm not sure who thinks they're getting to live twice...
Cray - Another used ironically, because really? Too lazy to just say crazy?
LOL - Are you really laughing out loud every time? I don't think so.

Ones that I actually don't mind:

Can't Even

Yep I'm an 80-year-old crotchety woman, but can accept some things. No shame.

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