Thursday, July 3, 2014

Concert Season Part 1

The concert season has begun! And I could not be more excited. So many bands, so much good music, and friends to spend the time with. Who could ask for more? We've already hit up three of the bajillion we're going to, so here's a run down of the concerts so far, and then a list of ones to look forward to hearing about:

Jimmy Eat World:

This was the first concert of the season and occurred back at the end of May. It was at the Depot which I love because it's more intimate, and the sound is awesome. The down part was that it wasn't a 21 and older concert, so us beer drinkers were exiled to the upstairs and crammed in the small area, while the kiddos and non-drinkers enjoyed the stage area. It was alright though, the view was still great, and we got to enjoy the music just the same, but with beer. Which is always better. The opening act, which I don't even remember their name was a piss poor band of two who used background music and they played guitars on top of that, and mumbled words into the mics. I was slightly embarrassed for them. Jimmy Eat World or as Jordan and I lovingly call them, JEW, was much better and played all the classics you would expect. It was a good night.


Wow so ok. This was both mine and Jordan's first full fledged rap concert ever. And we were out. of. place. We got there at what we thought was on time, but turns out we were so very very wrong. So we chilled at our booth that we totally earned because we were so damn early and drank beers. 4 1/2 hours later, good ol' Coolio decides to grace us with his presence, but not before we have 2 hours of DJ's playing their versions of other rap songs, and then the opening "act" Space Ghosts. Yep. Space Ghosts. They actually came out on stage with space helmets on their heads and started rapping. And then Coolio made it out on stage, but we were so engrossed in our phones trying to ignore the amazing Space Ghosts we missed it. We look up to see Coolio's onstage rapping with our ghosts from space. Coolio then started rapping his own songs starting with the Keenan and Kel theme song and ending with Gangsta's Paradise. Oh by the way there were only three other songs in between those. Then Coolio runs off stage and is done. We spent 4.5 hours waiting for five whole songs. Someone please tell me, is this how all rap concerts go? Because if so, this will be my first and last. I do have to say despite the ridiculousness of it all, Jordan and I did have a good time, and I even had a moment with Coolio. Just before Gangsta's Paradise started, Coolio ran off stage and tried to run outside but chose a locked door first. After he tries to open it and fails, he looks straight at me and I back at him and I shrug. He then tries the next door and outside he goes. It was kind of an important moment we shared I feel.

Def Leppard & Kiss:

So this I say is the first BIG concert of the season. No disrespect to JEW or Coolio, but this concert was massive. And by massive I mean the crowd size. It was my first time at Usana (a lot of firsts this summer I'm noticing), and so I myself have nothing to compare it to, but Jordan assures me that it's never as full as it was for this concert. After our 2 hour drive getting there, we parked a mile away and hiked to the GA section. There we wormed our way to the front for the GA section and staked our ground by standing there. We got there just in time for Def Leppard to start and it was so good! They sounded great, I knew most of the songs and we sang and half-danced our hearts out. Then came intermission before Kiss started. By the time they did it was after 10 and we're old so we agreed to hear a few songs and call it good. We were honestly there for Def Leppard, so it wasn't a hard decision to make. We made it through two songs and then hiked our mile back to our car and deemed it a successful night. I was happy to at least watch Kiss come out on stage on a giant spider in their infamous makeup. So mission accomplished for me. Turns out the concert was record breaking. It was sold out, and it was the first date on their tour. So Utah wins! And I mean Utah because the whole damn state was there "rock and rolling all night long".

And stay tuned for the following reports. They are bound to have stories because that's how we roll.

Daughtry & Goo Goo Dolls
Steve Miller Band & Journey
Styx & Foreigner
Train & The Wallflowers
Boston & The Doobie Brothers
Paul McCartney

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