Thursday, June 6, 2013

My New Adventure

There comes a time in everyone's life where they say "I need to make a change". It may happen multiple times in one's life, but the end result is always knowing that you're doing it for yourself. That the decisions you make for that change are to make you a happier person. I have come to that point in my life once again where "I need to make a change", and this change involves starting a new job.

This has been a long time coming when I think about it. I haven't really been happy at my job for 2-3 years. And that had a large part to do with some of the people working there. One in particular actually. Well that person was terminated about a year ago, and I hoped by this change that my happiness would return. Boy was I wrong. Turns out this person wasn't the only problem, there was another. And then another. See you would begin to think that maybe I'm the problem. But in reality, the company I will soon be leaving has a tendency to carry dead weight and ill fitting people for a lot longer than they should. They tend to hold onto the poison while the good wither away. This is the case in my situation. I'm not the first to leave because of conflict with co-workers, and I won't be the last. Needless to say I made my decision to leave, and the closer it gets, the more happy I get. I know this decision will be the best thing for me right now.

I also know that I have a lot to look forward to in the future. A potential joint venture with my bestie Jordan, my being on my own again and rediscovering myself. Again. And the chance to be really happy. I love when people tell you that you make your own happiness. It's true. To an extent. You can only ignore the negativity for so long before you have to do something about it. And now is the time for me to do something. So I'm leaving the job I've been at for nearly 8 years, to move onto a similar job where I will make more money and also hopefully make new lasting relationships. I will miss most of the people I work with currently. There really are some good people there, but I will also be so glad to rid myself of the poison that is also there.

And so my new adventure will begin in a little over a week, and I'm beyond excited for this new chapter in my life. Allons-y!


  1. I wish there was a "LOVE" button! :) I'm proud too!! And I'm SO happy for you and I hope things are better at your new place! Love and miss you tons!!


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