Friday, February 8, 2013

My Southern Sanctuary

So I took my trip down south this week. I went to the wonderful city of St. George and man was it wonderful. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the air was clean and it was warm! Everything  a girl could ask for in the dead of winter. The only downside is that it was a two day trip. But while I was there, I got to spend my down time with my grandparents. They are amazing people, and I love being able to see them. I only wish it were more often. The work part of the trip was actually quite simple, and not entirely time consuming, so I was actually able to enjoy being there, and I appreciated that. Lord knows I needed the break from not only the cold weather, but the negative atmosphere in my office. The trip was relaxing and best of all paid for by my company. Can't ask for anything better. I just have to say I am grateful they let me go, it was much needed.

For the trip they let me take a company truck. It's one that we have sitting in the parking lot and is used for errands and bid runs. Well because the truck sits in the parking lot most of the time, the bed of the truck was full of snow. When I went to leave work the night before my trip, I took the truck home with me. As I was putting things away, I noticed a can laying in the snow in the bed of the truck. At first I thought "oh nice someone just threw their empty can in there", then I did a second look and noticed it wasn't just any can, it was a can of PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon beer) and chuckled. Then I did a third look and noticed there were two cans in the snow, and they weren't opened! I guess whoever drove the truck last, had a party and used the snow to keep the beers cold and forgot they were in there. Well needless to say they are now in my fridge at home. Score!

The second part of the snow in the bed of the truck story is that I thought for sure as I drove down that the snow would melt, but there was a lot of it! So I made it to St. George with a bed full of snow. And that's when it started to melt. I literally left streams and puddles everywhere I went. It was quite funny. The best part was that my grandma got a kick of having snow to throw around. She thoroughly enjoyed throwing snow balls on all the neighbor's yards. When it was time for me to leave, the snow hadn't melted completely, so both of my grandparents grabbed one last snowball as I drove away. My grandpa threw his at the truck as I was leaving, I'm not sure what my grandma did with hers, but I imagine it was either thrown at my grandpa or onto a neighbor's yard.

I'm glad I could bring a bit of the north down with me for them to enjoy. Too bad I couldn't bring it all, and I could bring the sun and warmth back with me. I think I may need to make another trip down there soon. It made me so happy.

Here are a few pics I took. I suck at remembering to document my fun, because I'm too busy enjoying it.

Free Beer!

Doesn't that just look warm?

I squint from the sun. I'm not used to it!

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