Friday, February 22, 2013

Cook in the House

I've been cooking a lot more lately, which is very unlike me. I think it's mainly because I'm bored with the same thing every day. In order to avoid the ramen for dinner, I took to Pinterest to save me. And with the easy recipes I found on there combined with friend recommendations and family recipes, this week's menu has been a lot more tasty.

Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough to take pictures, but it also didn't help that I was too hungry to wait and take a picture before cramming the delicious food into my mouth.

Some of the items I made this week are:

Egg & Avocado Salad Sandwiches
Parmesan Green Beans (Thanks Jordan)
Homemade Mac & Cheese (Thanks Mom)

What have you found on Pinterest, or had passed down through your family and friends that you enjoy making? Don't be shy to comment, I want to hear what you've got!


  1. My sister is the queen of fast and easy meals, that taste amazing. Check out She does most of the posting with a few other random people (like myself) adding to it now and then. Some of the recipes take a little work, some don't. I made the the Sesame Noodles with Chicken and Veggie the other day. I had to do a little shopping since I don't normally have rice vinegar etc... But it was easy to make and tasted great. And the next day it tasted just as good(since I always make to much of everything and almost always have leftovers!).

    (please don't judge my spelling and punctuation to harshly. I know they are awful I need to take writing lessons.)

    1. Thanks Kira! I will check her blog out, I'm always looking for new dinner ideas.


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