Monday, July 16, 2012

100th Post! Get It While It's Hot!

This here be my 100th post. I've been writing this diamond in the rough blog for a little while now and have managed to share with you 100 times. When I started this blog back on Halloween night last year, it was because I was lying in bed unable to sleep. I had so many ideas going through my head and I thought to myself, "I should just start a blog". So I did. I am so grateful to those that have chosen to read my ramblings. You're all amazing to have stuck with me. 

For this 100th post I wanted to make it something special, but honestly couldn't think of one thing in particular, so I thought I'd share on what's been going on lately:

1. One of my best friends in the world has been in town and I have loved every moment I've had to spend with her. I thought I'd give her some love on my blog. Shout out to you Jennie Swain! I love spending time with the Salisbury family, I love them like my own. Thank you for letting me be a part of the fun.

2. Some new shows I've been watching:
                           Drop Dead Diva This isn't necessarily new, but it is to me. It's a really cute show, that can make me mad at times. It's about an aspiring model who dies and comes back in the body of a lawyer who is her opposite. I liken it to Legally Blonde in many ways being a girl who knows fashion and pop culture, but is brainy.
                          Twenty Twelve This is only an ok show. I love British tv, but this one kind of missed the mark for me which really disappointed me because Lord Grantham is in it, and it's narrated by David Tennant. It had super hit written all over it, but I think it fell flat a bit.   
                          The IT Crowd - I loved The IT Crowd, it was completely silly, but I found myself laughing really hard a lot. It's another British show about an IT team at a corporate office, and the shenanigans that ensue.

I will soon be starting Breaking Bad at the request of many. I was only able to watch the first couple episodes of Falling Skies and haven't seen anything further than that. I'm hoping Netflix will have it on there soon. And I'm still from time to time trying to watch Battlestar Galactica.

3. I finally started reading Harry Potter again. I started the 5th book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday. It's been very enlightening so far, as there is so much left out of the movie already. I'm excited to see where this book takes me. Everyone who has read it has warned me that Harry is super annoying in this book, and I can already see it and I'm less than 100 pages in. So that will be interesting as well.

4. Yoga has been going pretty well. I'm taking it on Saturday's only right now as that's when the beginner class is, and I feel most comfortable in that class. When I'm more in tune with the poses I will probably go back to Sunday's doing the all levels class (which honestly isn't for all levels).

5. I spent a good part of my Saturday this weekend watching the Comic-Con coverage Live on G4. Thank you G4 for being awesome and providing this coverage for those of us who are too poor to travel to the actual convention. The best part of the coverage was that John Barrowman co-hosted. Love him! (see my posts about Comic-Con and John Barrowman).

6. We recently took my grandma out to dinner for her 83rd birthday. We went to Olive Garden and had a good time. She is hard of hearing and has been all her life, so when you speak to her, you have to speak loud. You can imagine how it was going at a restaurant with other people talking. We were yelling and I'm sure it was quite a scene. Needless to say I think she enjoyed the night out, and she made us all some raspberry jam. Yum!

As you can see my life is not of the most exciting, but I thought I would share the highlights. Happy 100th post to me, and here's to the next 100!

P.S. I have no idea why part of my words are highlighted. That is not my doing, and I can't fix it. argh.


  1. You will not regret Breaking Bad.
    HP5 is probably my favorite book.

    1. I trust you like you're trusting me right now. :)

  2. Yay for 100 posts!!! Keep them coming... And finish the HP books dammit!


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