Friday, March 2, 2012

Noun Time #3 - Famous People That Shouldn't Be - Edition 2

I'm a little late getting this one out, but it's still Friday and therefore it counts.

This week's "famous" person was going to be someone else (I'll save it for next week), but after the news of a Jersey Shore pregnancy, I feel that this edition should be dedicated to Snooki and her Jersey Shore douche bags.

The only reason Snooki is even in the public eye is because of her oil tan skin, tacky clothes and ridiculous "trend-setting" hairdo, which happened to get her and her exactly-the-same-but-male-friends a show. Not to mention MTV, because they air nothing but trash now. I'm really not sure why they call it MTV anymore, I haven't seen a music video on there since I was a kid. Anywho, this girl is the epitome of garbage, and yet she's famous and people watch her. I'm proud to say that I have never watched a single episode of the show, and yet I know all about her because she's everywhere in the gossip mags, radio and internet. I don't even have to try and there she and her douche bag friends are.

She is completely the opposite of a role model for young women. No girl should ever grow up thinking that showing your boobs, wearing skin tight clothing and flaunting yourself around in a drunken state is how you get a good man. All you get when you're that way is garbage, because that's how you're portraying yourself, and then you end up on another favorite MTV show called Teen Moms. Woohoo!

Seriously on the hair!

Speaking of motherhood, now that Snooki is pregnant, I fear that she will never go away. They're going to treat her as any other famous person showing her in mags with her cute baby bump! coo! coo! The media is so messed up when it comes to focusing on the important things. And now this poor child that is going to be born to this mess of a person is going to be thrown in the lime light dressed in ridiculous outfits sure to rival other Jersey hoodlums that think they're dead sexy (say it like Fat Bastard, it's funnier that way).

All I can say is garbage shows like these featuring lame-ass women like her should not exist. Cheap entertainment is all it is, and yet a guilty pleasure for a lot of people. The only conclusion I can come up with is by watching this show, it must make them feel better about their own lives. At least one can hope.

Happy Friday night y'all!


  1. Yeah I too am wondering how the media is going to portray this. Hopefully it changes her forever because it is really difficult being a Mom.

    1. Agreed. I commend anyone who chooses to be a mother, and is actually up for the task. It's a life commitment, and one not to be taken lightly.


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