Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Don't Worry I'm Not Missing Anymore

Wow so it's been a while since I've posted something new. I've been MIA for a couple weeks, and I really don't have the best of excuses. Let's just say when you're single, this time of year is horribly hard. And because of this, I've been feeling sorry for myself. I also went on vacation to Vegas. See pictures below:

 I got this a few days before my trip

This showed up under our hotel door. I was really hoping for something great, but we didn't see anything.

And at the MGM Grand.....

Mama lion looking for some attention. P.S. I want their job.

Mama and Papa lion taking a rest amongst all of the camera flashes

Cute baby cub Cheeto that I pet and got a picture with

Cute Cheeto playing
Made of Jelly Belly's

The Cosmopolitan

Yeah you feel like a million bucks just sitting there

I promise in the new year that I will be posting more often, that I'll get out of this yucky funk, stop feeling sorry for myself and do something about it. Words an introvert should live by (and yes by this I mean "easier said than done").

Oh and we had Christmas this past weekend before Amber and Peyton go home for the holiday.

I got Peyt his very own chef's outfit!

They both got me new PJs, Steve Jobs book and a crazy fun Wii game

I got Amber a food dehydrator and a scarf. 

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