Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Reflections

So this year has been a serious roller coaster, and most of it has been high. The few lows that happened I'm actually glad they did. They made me realize the person I want to be, and what I want to strive for. And for that I'm grateful. As the year comes to a close, I thought I would highlight some of the accomplishments/happy moments I've experienced. It's better to dwell on the positive right?

In no particular order:

1. Finishing the entire Harry Potter series on book as I promised myself I would do. This was a huge accomplishment for me, and yes I'm way behind the times, but I'm proud. And also now a bigger fan than before.

2. Rekindling old friendships. Two amazing women came back into my life this year, and I'm so glad they did. This is a shout out to Jordan and Angie. I love you both!

3. Moving. For some this isn't as big of deal, but for me it was a fresh start. I left behind the old baggage with my previous place. And man was it baggage. With this new place I was able to open myself up for change and I see it everyday.

4. Game Nights. This is my attempt to become more social. I tend to be a homebody which I love. But I realize I need to get out and do things too, and this is one thing I'm loving. Probably because it involves wine and people I love.

5. Standing up for myself more and not worrying about what others think about what I've got to say. Everyone has their opinion and I've learned it's ok to express mine as long as it's healthy to myself.

6. Taking my love for writing one step further by collaborating on a blog with dear Jordan. It's been exciting and overwhelming and that's a good thing (shameless plug:

I'm so glad for the experiences I've had this year whether they were positive or negative. I've learned from them, and that's a good thing!

Happy New Year to everyone, and let's make 2013 great! (We did survive the apocalypse after all).

I also thought I'd share some key picture moments from this year. Some or most I have probably shared somewhere on a social network I participate in, or even on this here blog. But this is about reflection, so enjoy!

In which I started collecting fortunes that made me look toward the future

In which I further solidified my geek status and got my own TARDIS

In which Lily tried to interrupt everything I do with her cuteness

In which one of my best friends Jennie came to town and
I took a picture of her with Apollo Ono at Subway
because that's what you do.
In which I voted and pissed off a bunch of people
In which I sunburned the hell out of myself and then hung out with
one of my best friends the amazing Angie
In which I even further solidified my geek status
and tried liquid art by drawing a Dalek.
In which Angie brought me back delicious beer from Oregon
for watching her adorable kitteh Sookie

In which I started cooking more and made some pretty damn
tasty soups
In which Melissa (my sister) and I were screwed by the wishbone

In which I bought adorable things and spent next to nothing for them.

In which I attended my first Black Friday as a shopper with
one of my best friends Jordan. Also in which we were photobombed
maybe on purpose.

Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. Without getting too mushy gushy, I teared up a bit reading this and I adore you immensely and thank you so much for your friendship.

  2. Nice! I still feel like a big spaze for flaking out on game night. I got a job, (I wasn't planning on gettting one it just feel into my lap perfectly) about the same time it all started. I'm glad to hear that it has been working out for you guys.


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