Monday, August 13, 2012

Reminiscing (not the song)

How often do you reminisce about the past? How much is too much? When is it healthy or not healthy?

I've been thinking a lot about past friendships and how certain events and circumstances shape those relationships. Some dwindle quietly, some end in a ball of fire and some are still there. And no matter how they end they in some way have shaped you into who you are today.

The friendships I have been reminiscing about in particular are the ones that were happy for the most part. Ones that disappeared long ago, but wonder what it would be like now if they were still there.

I've managed to stay in touch with a few friends from high school, but not closely and honestly high school was not my favorite time. I had a few good friends and out of those few only one have I kept in real touch with.

My first job created a lot of friendships of which the majority again dwindled away. Some I have rekindled and one I'm really glad is becoming stronger.

Friends come and go and are in your life for a reason and leave for a reason. But without friends life would be so lonely. I cherish every friendship I have and treat them like family. True friends are very hard to come by and I have learned the hard way one too many times that the true ones are few and far between.

Even then I still can't help but wonder how would life be if I still had the good and bad friends in my life. I do have to say I'm glad my life is at the stage it's at and am grateful for all the lessons I have learned, but there are those very few friendships I truly miss. These are the ones that get me reminiscing and wondering the most.

So that begs the question of how exactly healthy is it?

I personally feel it's natural to ponder, but doing so often makes you lose touch with reality.



  1. I think it's really hard to NOT dwell on the past...good and bad. I just think everyone kind of does it without realizing it, ya know?

    1. I do know. And we have had this conversation between ourselves recently as well. I think that's what sparked this post among the reminiscing itself. It really is hard not to dwell on the past. Gah.


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