Monday, June 18, 2012

A Couple Things....

A couple things for those who don't follow me elsewhere* (which you should), I started doing yoga which has been an ass-kicker. It's not as relaxing as you would think when you're a beginner. All is well and I'm sore which means I'm workin' it!

Speaking of yoga, I've been going with my awesome friend Jordan** (you should follow her too) and it's been so nice to get to spend that time with her. I hope we can spend more time having other fun.

And talking about fun and following me at other places, I have a tumblr that you should follow***. If you've never used tumblr, I liken it to a combination of a blog and a pinterest. You can post your own things and reblog other people. It's a lot of fun. So do it!****

There is nothing wrong with some shameless plugging.

The end.

*meaning facebook, twitter and tumblr
** and
****I'm also on twitter @maccagirl1

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